Welcome to My Homepage!

Welcome to my homepage. I started this site to be a sort of online resume – a repository for my coding and design work so that potential employers can see my value first hand. I’m currently a master’s student at the University of Washington. My home department is the Jackson School of International Studies, but I’ve taken many graduate classes in other departments (mainly public affairs and statistics). I start a new data analysis job in late June. Feel free to follow the links below or browse around!

Find out about more about me…like as a person ‘n’ stuff.

For my more traditional resume click here.



For examples of my R programing work go here.
Classes: (1) Applied Regression, (2) Nonparametric Regression (in progress), (3) Statistical Computing (in progress). All three were graduate statistics courses.
Projects: NBA Data Analysis (ongoing). I used R’s XML and RCurl packages to scrape several websites using a variety of techniques.


For examples of my Stata programing work go here.
Classes: (1) Basic Linear Regression and (2) Survey of Regression Techniques (IV, Regression Discontinuity, Difference-in-Difference, etc.), which were both offered by the School of Public Affairs; (3) Correlated Data (in progress) from the Department of Biostatistics.
Projects: I completed a semi-supervised 2-credit analysis of World Bank data using Stata. The project involved merging many .dta files, creating and concatenating variables, and running a series of bootstrapped logistic regressions using the Clarify library.


For examples of my C work go here (in progress, coming soon).
Classes: All of my C work was done in Statistical Computing (Statistics Department).

Microsoft Access & SQL

For examples of Microsoft Access work go here.
Classes: (1) Database Concepts (Information School). I completed the entire 600-page GO! Microsoft Access Comprehensive textbook. I’ve enrolled in a certificate program in database management this summer, which will include 100 hours of instruction. There is a strong SQL component to the course.


For examples of my Excel work go here (more to come).
Classes: Excel modeling, an upper-division undergraduate business school class in the quantitative methods department.

Adobe Illustrator and InDesign

For examples of my design work go here.
I learned Illustrator and InDesign last summer to improve the look and feel of my thesis. I’ve come to really love design so I play around a lot in Illustrator for fun.

Research and Writing

Check out some of the papers below for samples of my research, writing, and analysis skills.


Classes: I took Beginning Scientific Computing (taught in Matlab) from the Department of Applied Math two years ago. My skills are somewhat rusty and I prefer R, but I do have some Matlab knowledge.


Nothing to complicated here, but still a nice skill to have. For examples of my LaTeX work go here.


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