The Mundanity of Excellence

That is the title of a 1989 article in Sociological Theory by Daniel Chambliss (which I found through this blog post titled “Does one have to be a genius to do maths?” written by the famous mathematician Terence Tao). The paper is excellent and inspiring. Chambliss follows swimmers of various levels and finds that what sets Olympic-caliber … Continue reading The Mundanity of Excellence

Testing Tony Kornheiser’s Football (Soccer) Population Theory

Fans of the daily ESPN show Pardon the Interruption (PTI) will be familiar with the co-host’s frequent “Population Theory.” The theory has a few formulations; it is sometimes asserted that when two countries compete in international football the country with the larger population will win, while at other times it’s stated that the more populous country should win. … Continue reading Testing Tony Kornheiser’s Football (Soccer) Population Theory

Customer Journey Management and the O-ring Theory

I was recently directed to this 2013 HBR article on managing customer journeys written by Alex Rawson, Ewan Duncan, and Conor Jones. The article included this line: Take new-customer onboarding, a journey that typically spans about three months and involves six or so phone calls, a home visit from a technician, and numerous web and mail … Continue reading Customer Journey Management and the O-ring Theory

Decision Tree

Decision analysis is an important part of modern revenue management strategies for many businesses. One solution for analysis of decisions of smaller complexity is TreePlan, a plugin for Excel. I was required to use TreePlan in an Excel modeling class I took earlier this year to solved the “Kendell Lobster Case” in Bertsimas & Freund’s popular Data, Models, … Continue reading Decision Tree

Full Resume

Summary of Qualifications Strong quantitative and analysis skills gained during undergraduate electrical engineering education, Boeing work experience, and graduate school Experience researching and synthesizing multiple literatures into recommendation reports High-level writing skills developed while working as an editor for the UW Political Science Writing Center Education Masters in International Studies University of Washington June, 2014 GPA: 3.8 Certificate … Continue reading Full Resume