This is the third installment in my collection (o)-bjects. The original idea was to practice drawing somewhat intricate icons. Later, I came up with the idea to contrast the simplicity of the line drawings with whimsical title styling. Probably unnecessary, but I went with the idea nonetheless.

I guess technically this is a boombox, but I liked the idea of calling it a beatbox so I could use a picture of a beet, which seems somewhat less expected. The creation of (beet)-Box utilized Illustrator’s repeating pattern functionality. For instance, the tape inside the deck is a series of tightly spaced concentric circles and speakers are made from repeating straight lines that at then masked out into circles.

Photo Credit: The picture of the beet comes from (the wonderful?) Interpretation of Dreams site. Because we all dream about beets pretty regularly. I’m guessing they themselves got the photo from another site unless they employ a cadre of in-house photographers to take pictures of beets (they have 12 beet pictures!!!!). However, I couldn’t find the original image source.


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