1. On epistocracy

An interesting idea many will despise:

Epistocracy comes in many forms. An epistocracy might give everyone one vote, then grant extra votes to citizens who pass a test of basic political knowledge (such as the citizenship exam). Or it might grant the right to vote only to citizens who pass such a test.  Or it might instead hold an “enfranchisement lottery”: Immediately before an election, choose 10,000 citizens at random, and then those citizens, and only those, are permitted to vote, but only if they first complete a competence-building exercise.

Trump would have likely fared better under an epistocracy.

2. Apparently cows like to milk themselves

3. The Sinbad genie movie (very interesting)

4. Reddit has a meme economy

5. What’s the most mysterious photo ever taken?

6. Soviet era minced meat commercial is strange in many ways


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