Very Brief NBA Post

  • Russell Westbrook has the highest PER in the NBA, but the lowest True Shooting % of any player in the Top 30 (ranked by PER).
  • Eric Gordon has more 3’s (121) than Steph Curry (120). Through 32 games last year Curry had 140 3’s despite missing two more games. Curry is averaging under 40% from three-point range despite a career average of 44%.
  • Jeremy Lin has a higher PER than Klay Thompson, although in fairness Lin has been injured and played in only 1/3 the games. Still Lin is having his best season.

Do we think this NBA season is better than last? For some reason I find the major story lines this year less compelling than the 2016 season. Yes, I know Russell Westbrook is averaging a triple double and is well on track to finish out the season that way, but gimme Steph curry hitting 5 crazy threes a game. The Warriors narrative of a super team with Kevin Durant hasn’t turned out to be nearly as fascinating as last year’s team that set the NBA record for wins or even the Cleveland team vying for redemption.


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